AWS::Instance type

Declarative primitive for referencing AWS Instance resources. Supported anchor items: VpcId, State (defaults to pending and running, pass "*" for all states except shutting-down and terminated, pass null for all states), InstanceId, ImageId (required for creation), KeyName, SubnetId, InstanceType, PublicIpAddress (Bool), PrivateIpAddresses, UserData Supported properties: Tags, SecurityGroups, State (running/stopped), SourceDestCheck.

Direct parent types

AWS Resource definition
Direct subtypes: 14


create(rd:AWS::Instance, **props:Hash)internal Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:827
Declarative primitive for creating AWS Instance resources
find(rd:AWS::Instance) Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:772
Declarative primitive for finding AWS Instance resources
init(rd:AWS::Instance, **kwargs:Hash) Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:759
Initialize Instance (ResDef) from kwargs
AWS::add_to_known_hosts(r:AWS::Instance, prop_name:Str)experimental Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:979
Declarative primitive for adding ssh host fingerprints of AWS Instance resource to known hosts.