AWS::InstanceRes type

Single declarative primitive resource describing AWS Instance

Direct parent types

AWS resource
Direct subtypes: 13


code(r:AWS::InstanceRes)experimental Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:1038
EXPERIMENTAL! Do not use! Converts Instance resources to NGS code. Right now it works in the most primitive way.
delete(r:AWS::InstanceRes) Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:900
Declarative primitive for deleting AWS Instance resources
update(r:AWS::InstanceRes, props:Hash)internal Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:855
Declarative primitive for updating AWS Instance resources
AWS::wait_state(r:AWS::InstanceRes, state_name:Str) Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:934
Declarative primitive for waiting for AWS Instance resource to reach given state


state_nametypeically "running" or "stopped" (less common)


AWS::get_console_output(r:AWS::InstanceRes) Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:954
Declarative primitive for getting console output of AWS Instance resource
AWS::get_ssh_host_keys(r:AWS::InstanceRes) Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:971
Declarative primitive for getting ssh host fingerprints of AWS Instance resource


Array of Str. Each Str format "key-type base64key"
AWS::add_to_known_hosts(r:AWS::InstanceRes, ip_or_hostname:Any)experimental Source: autoload/AWS.ngs:991
Declarative primitive for adding ssh host fingerprints of AWS Instance resource to known hosts.