Lines type

Array of strings which comprise a text which is treated as a unit for purposes of output (and maybe for other purposes later).

Direct parent types

Parent type for user-defined types with array-like behaviour. Use in cases when you would like to inherit from built-in Arr. Inheriting from built-ins is not possible for now.
Direct subtypes: 3


echo(lines:Lines) Source: autoload/Lines.ngs:21
Echo all lines using echo(Str)
echo(fd:Int, lines:Lines) Source: autoload/Lines.ngs:24
Each all lines to given file descriptor
error(lines:Lines) Source: autoload/Lines.ngs:30
Write all lines to standard error using error(Str)
framed(lines:Lines)experimental Source: autoload/Lines.ngs:37
init(lines:Lines, s:Str) Source: autoload/Lines.ngs:11
Split s to strings using end-of-line separators. UNIX and Windows line endings supported (Windows - not tested yet). Warning: Max OS <= 9 line separation of CR (\r) is not supported


"xx\nyy".lines()  # %[xx yy]
init(lines:Lines, backtrace:Backtrace, parent_backtrace:Any=null) Source: stdlib.ngs:6089
Convert Backtrace to human-readable format


warn(lines:Lines) Source: autoload/Lines.ngs:27
Write all lines to standard error using warn(Str)