NGS version 0.2.12 manual


na - NGS AWS. Command line for AWS.


na [--digest N] resource-specification …
na resource-specification … SET new-tags-and-properties
na resource-specification … DEL
na resource-specification … COUNT


na is a thin wrapper around AWS library in NGS, which in turn uses declarative primitives approach. This means among other things that na is idempotent.

na Allows to manipulate AWS resources. The first variant, without any command shows the specified resource(s). "SET" variant is used for updating the specified resource(s). "DEL" deletes the resources. "COUNT" shows the number of specified resources.


--digest N (default 10). na is human oriented. Since it’s usually not helpful to have thousands of lines dumped into your screen (not likely to be processed in a meaningful manner by a human), na limits the number of items it outputs. --digest gives the number of items starting at which the output is shown as a digest of the items and not the items themselves.


Option 1 - resource id

RESOURCE-ID – vpc-11111111, subnet-22222222, etc

Option 2 - resource prefix, optional tags, optional properties


Where RESOURCE-PREFIX - i, vpc, sg and others as seen in output of aws ... describe-... commands.

Related resources

resource-specification can be repeated on the command line. In this case the specified resource to show or operate is the resource specified on the right. When na will look up resources on the right, it will restrict the search to resources mentioned to the left:

# Show all subnets in VPC which is has tag "env" with value "proxy-lab"
na vpc env=proxy-lab subnet


The syntax after "SET" is TAG_NAME=TAG_VALUE … PROPERTY_NAME:PROPERTY_VALUE … (which is the same syntax as for specified resources option 2 just without the RESOURCE-PREFIX)


# Show all VPCs and Subnets
na vpc
na subnet

# Stop these VMs
na i role=ocsp-proxy env=dev SET State:stopped

# Show these VMs
na i role=ocsp-proxy env=dev

# Start these VMs
na i role=ocsp-proxy env=dev State:'*' SET State:running

# Show all subnets in VPC which is has tag "env" with value "proxy-lab"
# "Related resources" concept
na vpc env=proxy-lab subnet

# Show how many VPCs you have (in current region as seen by AWS CLI)
na vpc COUNT