retry multimethod


retry(times:Int=60, sleep:Any=1, logger:Fun=method, success_predicate:Any=method, title:Any='<retry>', progress_cb:Fun=method, success_cb:Fun=method, fail_cb:Any=method, body:Fun=method) Source: stdlib.ngs:6357
Retry. Executes given "body" "times" times. Throws RetryFail if all calls fail and fail_cb is not provided.


timesLimit of times to run "body"
sleepEither sleep in seconds between tries or Iter that returns successive sleep times in seconds
loggerFunction to use to log attempts, caught body exceptions and sleep times. Defaults to stdlib's debug.
success_predicateCANDIDATE FOR REMOVAL. Run against body results to. Says whether the attempt succeeded. Defaults to Bool.
titlePrefix strings sent to logger with this string. Defaults to "<retry>".
progress_cbCalled before each attempt with (1) current attempt number and (2) limit of attempts ("times"). Defaults to do nothing.
success_cbCalled when body succeeds with the result that comes from body. Defaults to identity function.
fail_cbIf passed, called if all attempts fail. Defaults to null.


Any. Result of success_cb or result of fail_cb.


page = retry(times=10, sleep=ExpBackIter(), body={ try `curl ""` })